Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sanford Stud Farm

After Church I had to go to Price Chopper.. I drove past the large Birthing Barn and saw a young man talking to some people .Having driven past the barn many times I decided to stop

This is Pat who lives in the Town of Amsterdam and is a volunteer for the restoration of The Sanford Stud Farm.

The mares barn is in the distance;framed by the door

The Stallions Single Barns are the row of small barns..Each stallion had their own barn.They had to be isolated from each other and the mares due to the difficulty of handling and irascible natures

The last picture is taken from the brochure they hand out. The large Oval at the bottom of the picture is the Inside Exercise Track.It would have extended past present day Walgreens. At the top of the picture is the Outside Flat Track which is now Walmarts

To the left is route30

Go to their web site


Bridget said...

this is so interesting.
i didn't know this was a working farm.
i love the 2nd to last shot of the barns.
good detective work phil!

J.L.Velez said...

2nd to last shot is great. I'd love to see it at dusk. I really liked how you lined it up. And it sounds like you made a new friend on your journey too. Success all around!

trishalyn said...

Yes, I really like that 2nd-to-last shot as well. Nicely done, Phil!

Linda said...

Boy, talk about being in the right place at the right time. Good for you. I'm with the others, I like that same shot, but it's so good that you could get a photo of "Pat". Good for you, too, that you stopped there when you did.