Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hora Frost 12/25/2009

These were taken out in Altmont near Thatcher Park Christmas day.
Interesting thing ....Computer burn out so very often ...I am going to do email from work and Blogg from Amsterdam Free Library....another gift from Andrew Carnegie...I am still getting familiar with down loading technique so the next one of Mary and Myself was my first experiment

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Eddy

This is for Linda. Pict is in Google but it is also in Wed NYT pgA25 > It is neat because they are identical and the same guy

caption "Kelly Slater surfed in the second heat at the Quicksilver in Memory of Eddy Aikay contest Tuesday on the North Shore at Waimea Bay Hawaii. He scored 98 out of 100 points for the waves"

Will put in more script tomorrow ,but should be on line
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Monday, December 7, 2009

salt 12/07/2009

Snow combat 2009/2010

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Indifferent Stars Above

I just finished reading The Indifferent Stars Above (The Harrowing Saga of A Donner Party Bride)

This book was along the direction of Follow The River..Terrible adversity that our fore fathers encountered as this nation was born. Putting a cresh together with the image of the Oxen may seem strange but in the book I am referring to,oxen as indispensable work animals ,were referred to repeatedly.
One passage was as follows when the wagons had to be hauled up a incline"they decided to assault a steep hog back ridge..One by one they yoked each wagon to long strings of oxen-as many as 24 at a time-and then drove them laboriously up the slope .Each time they reached the top,some one had to lead them back down and do the whole thing over again"

And the Cresh ?
The connection hardly, through these beast of burden but a final passage about the main character Sarah Graves ,,

"What to make of her story? I'm not sure the language even has words that are adequate to the task. But I think what Sarah's story tells us is that there were in fact heroes in the Donner Party,and that heroes are sometimes the most ordinary-seeming people .It reminds us that as ordinary we might be ,we can,if we choose take the harder road ,walk forth bravely under the indifferent stars.We can hazard the ravages of chance..We can choose to endure what seems unendurable and thereby open up the possibility of prevailing.We can awaken to the world as it is and ,seeing it with eyes wide open,we can nevertheless embrace hope rather then despair.When all is said and done,I think the story tells us that hope is the hero's 'domain not the fool's Because we dare to hope -even when doing it might undo us-we leave the worlds we create behind us,swirling in our wakes, eternal and effervescent with the beauty of our aspirations"
Daniel James Brown
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Thursday, December 3, 2009