Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wind farm in Madison County

Went out to Manlius to visit parents..I always wanted to see those windmills up close..Mary said they frightened her >>Like War of The Worlds ..As a idea of scale in the third picture she is standing in front of a set a blades which are yet to be assembled

Went to Mass and rode back on 20..Saw a Mason Lodge form 1787..George Washington was Mason ..Should check out what the Masons believed to get an idea what they were trying to say in The Constitution with respect to church and state

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J.L.Velez said...

Awesome Phil, looks like a fun filled day and you finally got to see the wind mills:)

Bridget said...

great pix of mary and her dad.
i love the image of the wind towers and the sun streaming through the clouds.

trishalyn said...

Ditto!!! :-)