Thursday, March 26, 2009

1876 Centenial Bell

This is a replica of the Libery Bell which was cast in !876 The Liberty Bell is only 1,200 lbs while this bell is 13,000 lbs (Commemorating the 13 colonies) The Libery Bell is no longer in place ..This bell now is in the Tower of Independence Hall and is rung every hour

More Signs of The Past..

St Francis dee Sales Church on Congress St where we were married long time ago .. now closed

Final Sign of the Past and homage to Steve Vunk

Famous Lunch,, 2 HotDogs with


Bridget said...

the picture of the church is very nice.great composition and angle.
love the homage to steve:)

Linda said...

I didn't know you were so interested in history. It's been fun seeing all of your images.

I especially like the hot-dog tribute at the end. Clever idea.