Saturday, February 27, 2010

Japeil Feb 2010

The chalk drawing was done by Japeil. I think that this is called Manga and this character name is GOHAN.. Action is mostly frowning characters ,dissing each other's superpowers,combined with swords and automatic weapons

We are at the Library in the second ...Picture..\
].Are you OK Linda in Hawaii


Bridget said...

great portrait of japiel!
he is quite the artist.
he is lucky to have such a good friend:)

Linda said...

Phil, you're doing a great job with those kids. Bridget is right, they are really lucky to have you and Mary.

And I agree about the portrait that Japiel did. Is he interested in pursuing something in the "arts" field?

I'm fine, enjoying my time here as though I actually live here.

trishalyn said...

I agree with both Bridget and Linda. Very nice, Phil!

P.S. I was happy to find a new posting from you!